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Kiteboarding in Southeast Asia is divided into two main seasons. The North East monsoon season from December to March and the South West Monsoon season from June until September. There is little chance of wind outside of these periods. In Singapore, both seasons see relatively consistent trade winds of 8-12 knots. Yes, not very windy at all. Unless you’re on a foil kite and foil board, your riding will mostly be limited to the occasional ‘storm’ where the wind picks up temporarily for anywhere from 30min to a couple of hours. Much waiting in anticipation is required.

East Coast Park Singapore kite spots
East Coast Park
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Most kiters from Singapore head to Bintan, Indonesia whenever possible. The 2-5 knots more on the island make a big difference between frustrating and rideable conditions. The wind on the Southeast side of the island at Trikora is generally slightly more than the northern ‘resorts’ side. The seasons follow the same pattern as Singapore, the only difference being the mid-year wind direction is more Southeast. The natural reefs around many parts of Bintan also create flatter water than Singapore, making it easier to ride in the light wind conditions.

Trikora Bintan Indonesia kite spots
Trikora Bintan
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Bintan Resorts
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Banda Aceh

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Malaysia has the advantage of significantly more land mass than Singapore and so the sea breeze tends to be 2-3 knots stronger. There are several spots up the east coast, from 1 to 3 hours’ drive from Singapore, which work well during the Northeast Monsoon season. These spots are exposed to the Northeast wind and swell, so will occasionally get a small wind swell. There are less facilities and resorts than on Bintan, so make sure you take all the supplies you need.

Our top picks are Desaru, Jason Bay, Mersing and Kuantan. Get in touch if you want to find out more about these magical spots.